online vet

It’s OK to look up information and get advice from other gecko owners and experts. But if you’re still worried, or you already know there is something more serious wrong – then do NOT wait any longer. You need to get proper advice from a qualified vet.

That can be tricky – maybe there isn’t a vet near you, or things are in lockdown and it’s really difficult to get access to a vet.

Don’t worry – you can now ask a vet online.

Is An Online Vet Diagnosis Free?

No, but vets need to eat too, so you’re going to have to pay something for their time and expertise! But we’re talking about the welfare of an animal here – your gecko. So we have to do what we have to do to look after our geckos. And it’s probably going to be much cheaper than a local vet anyway.

Can I Talk To A Qualified Vet Online Now?

Yes. You don’t need to make an appointment – you can just chat to a vet online now. They are fully qualified vets so you can get proper expert advice quickly and easily. They may be able to put your mind at rest within minutes!