Identifying the gender of your leopard gecko is quite easy once you know how, and they get a bit older. Under the age of about 6 months it can be really difficult to tell for sure. This video shows very clearly how to tell the difference between a male and female:-

The interesting thing is that the sex of a leopard gecko is not determined when the egg is produced. That happens later and it’s actually the temperature the egg is incubated at that makes a male or female! So in theory, when you buy your leo the seller should know for certain which it is – because they should know what temperature the eggs were kept at.

In reality though mistakes are made and you don’t always take home what you were expecting. The problem is that the difference between males and females is very difficult to actually see when they are babies. So if they get mixed up it’s near impossible to spot as sexing them at that age is really hard!

So how do you tell? Above 6 months it gets really easy to tell the gender. You need to be able to look at the underside of your gecko near the tail to tell if it is a boy or a girl, so you really need to learn how to safely handle them first. But it is important to know the sex for sure, so e.g. you don’t get a shock when your boy gecko suddenly produces an unfertilized egg! It is therefore a good idea to double check once they get older, and not just trust what you were told when you bought your leo. It’s quite common for owners to find a name change becomes necessary 🙂